Friday, September 02, 2005

A Big Thing

I am accustomed to natural disasters happening far away, but Hurricane Katrina's aftermath it's not far away. It's really close, and people that I know are affected by it. This is one of those Worse Things that happen. But for the people in the states and cities hit, it's not a national disaster. It's a deeply personal tragedy. I realize that the meteorological folks name hurricanes for a reason, and I realize that it's probably easier to name them with human names than to make up something else, but it seems to me a bit innapropriate to personify something so horribly inhuman. I can't imagine how devastating it must be to loose your entire house and absolutely everything in it. Or to wait in worry to contact family who might be dead. How would you even begin to pick up the pieces? I just pray for peace for the people, and for hope.

Hey, Jeremy Jackson--Mom told me that your family is okay. I'm so glad to hear it. I'll keep praying for ya'll.


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